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Cabinet hardware industry will be "three " to the end
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HC network hardware cabinets enterprises during these two or three years, to the " life in the kitchen" as the core concept is becoming more and more manifest, kitchen design are as people's idea transformation gradually tends to individuation and artistic.In 2010, the cabinet of development will continue to make intelligent, humane, personalized this "three change " to the end.

The cabinet enterprise Yilibao kitchen cabinets Austria Blum the European brand names in China's central and western the biggest customers, 4 month, Yilibao cabinet general manager Yao Menghai was invited to participate in the " Milan international furniture exhibition."In this field is known as the world's three largest exhibition of the first show, Yao Menghai saw a lot of Chinese ambry industry with the world the gap.

The cabinet enterprise firstly is the whole market brand too miscellaneous, product design has no personality."In Italy, Germany and other countries, the market cabinet brand have no more than 10, are tens or hundreds of years old.Each brand has its own unique style, at a glance know what brand."

The cabinet enterprise china cabinets in the product R & D does not have its own symbols.In recent years, with the Korean girl playing fervent rise, American luxury as part of affordable also admire afford people come out.Korean cabinet with avant-garde appearance, and people's living habits are almost the same ; and American-style cabinets for villa luxury, blows a pastoral wind.As they rapidly popular at the time, many people have asked, Chinese style kitchen where?But fortunately, in Milan exhibition, has some of Taiwan's designers began to hold the product exhibition and Chinese element international recognized masters, and was applied in the design.

Cabinet Companies in the Chinese cabinet of the development trend of the 2010, Yao Menghai believes that there are mainly three aspects: one is the kitchen 's intelligence is the trend in the future, human engineering design is deepening; two cabinets more furniture ; three cabinets materials personalized utilization.In addition to category shutter, glass Yi Jie and fashion products to get the extensive application in the cabinet, and a bold use of new materials to achieve the design creativity and personality.

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