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Move the hardware electrical industrial Shengzhou transition make a significant step comments
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[ HC network hardware ] project profiles: a total investment of 260000000 yuan, covers an area of 43 acres, is composed of a plurality of shops and high-rise office buildings, for Shengzhou and the surrounding areas of radiation high grade hardware mechanical and electrical products professional market, completed this year market main body project and part of the landscape.

Specialized market and industrial cluster interaction and common prosperity, is Zhejiang estate development typical patterns.Nowadays, in the city of electrical machinery industry to span and breakthrough when City Hardware electrical ground, also conveys the municipal Party committee and the city hall to cultivate new force, move the industrial upgrading of the idea.

Shengzhou City Hardware Electrical

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"Our electrical machinery industry has a good foundation, but the agglomeration degree is still not enough, professional market is built, contribute to further improve the industrial form a complete set, and through market forces to allocate resources, better impel industry improvement and upgrading." Development Zone CMC vice chairman Shi Huixiang said from the surrounding area and successful experience, professional market can not only for the industry cluster to provide resource allocation mechanism and efficient network, but also has a sales network, technology, personnel, information and other elements, and these are Shengzhou industry to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the key factors.

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