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Yongkang hardware industry lifted the upsurge of registered trademark film
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 with HC network hardware "Avatar", "Du Lala" and other films and TV promotion in the national hit, Yongkang has many enterprises with keen market sense of smell the early bird catches, already will " Avatar" and " Du Lala " for the use of registered trademarks, hoping the movie promotion is famous degree, promote enterprise's production commodity.

Application of "Avatar " brand more than 10

17, the author opens trademark search, for "Avatar " brand enterprises in Yongkang has more than 10, the type of application of door of guard against theft, and other recreational supplies dozens of ; for the "Du Lala" brand of Yongkang enterprises have 6, application categories have insulation Cup, small jewelry and other 10 kinds.

Yongkang enterprises by means of film and television works and the influence of " free ride" business sense whether it is worthwhile to encourage and advocate, there is no legal support basis?Therefore, recently the author specialized consultancy Zhejiang Guangyu Trademark Office Yongkang office director Zhang Wentao.

Blind rush crash risk

Zhang Wentao said that due to technical reasons, at present the State Trademark Bureau actual receipt and input data are not synchronized, the Trademark Office to provide query system is approximately 6 months query blind area.Due to blindly follow the trend, to hit movie title may be repeated applications for registration.In 2004 as a "mouse love rice" Hongbian on both sides of the Changjiang River, in the children's clothing, toys, food and other goods, in 6 months the query blind region has to " mouse loves rice" name as a trademark application for registration of enterprises and natural persons, the country has as many as 30."Curse of the Golden Flower" commercial films in theaters across the country, single security door is" gold armor " to submit applications for trademark registration, has also as many as 6.

According to the current "trademark law" provisions "prior registration principle", in addition to first submit application for registration of people may be registered, follow-up applied for trademark registration, will be the Trademark Office rejected the application for registration.

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