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AMS Electric automation limited company, committed to the electrical transmission, industrial automation and control, for the global users with professional products and services, to help customers improve productivity, enhance performance, while reducing the adverse effects on the environment, the sources of energy.
AMS automation technology Limited is the integration of product research and development, production and sales of integrated high-tech enterprises, scientific management, innovative learning, with technology as the core, depending on the quality of student life, have a first-class high-tech personnel and outstanding senior management team.Always adhere to the customer as the center, and constantly introducing new and high-tech, and learn from similar products at home and abroad of the essence, to the vast number of users mention! For the better and better products.At present, Emerson main products are high, medium and low general and all professional converter, enterprises in 2009 through the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification.
Products in the municipal, building materials, plastics, oil field, mechanical, chemical, metallurgical, textile, printing, machine tools, mining and other industries are widely used.The spirit of "to do everything I can to meet customer" service concept, with high quality products as the basis, to the price of sincerity in order to quickly win customers, with all our intelligence and sweat to put one’s heart and soul into for customers to exclude the difficulty and anxiety, try to make customers’ expectations and requirements, strive through its own innovation and continuous efforts to create value for customers, so customer satisfaction in households also allow the company to continue to develop, and constantly improve the service system, and look forward to more new and old customers door to a "beneficial" future

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